“It may be currently possible to be both creative and comfortable. We suspect it isn’t, but our suspicions are not scientific data.” ~ Victor Goertzel & Mildred Goertzel

Anyone who has ever had a creative idea knows the discomfort that comes with it. Sure, there is an amazing thrill when the lightning bolt of inspiration strikes, but then there is the downpour of doubt that follows. Brainstorms are beautiful, but they are also risky. Once you’ve been struck by a new idea and felt its electric currents it is almost impossible to walk away from the experience unscathed.

Walking away from that creative storm, you feel a responsibility to the lightning bolt in your head. Such a power source needs to be shared with the world–it is too much for one person to carry. But how do you channel that energy? How do you conduct that idea safely into reality?

The answer is simple: You experiment.

You take a chance.

You risk failure.

And you weather the results.

You see, creative forecasts often encompass many storms. They encompass many moments of self-questioning, of disbelief, disappointment, and discouragement. They go against the logic of self-preservation, of protecting ourselves from the dangerous elements. Maybe that is why creative people are often seen as crazy. Only crazy people take such risks.

And yet, there is a logic to creative people’s discomfort. When we are comfortable, we settle for less. When we are uncomfortable, we refuse to settle. We keep searching and trying. We keep learning. We keep growing.

You see, storms not only make us stronger, they also make us smarter. Once we’ve weathered a few, we can see beauty in the chaos. We can accept them as a necessary part of life. A necessary step on the path to progress.

After all, the storms in life are what move us to act. Each brings with it a new dawn of discovery–a new rainbow of promise. They may not make sense at the time. In fact, they may seem completely nonsensical. But nonsense is the mother of invention, and problems, as it turns out, are great conductors for creativity. They are outlets for innovation. Channels for brilliance.

Whatever storms you are weathering today, I encourage you take a creative approach to them. I encourage you to embrace the innovation that is waiting for you on the other side. Channel the energy of each problem into an electric solution. Set something positive into motion.

Remember, discomfort can be a good thing.