I was sleeping on the ferry ride to Victoria the other day, when these words popped into my head. They refused to leave me alone, so I thought I would write them down and share them with you. Poems are like that sometimes. Like most epiphanies, they pop-up unexpectedly.


A Poem by Bonnie Tulloch

Growing up,

Growing down,

And somewhere in between.

I’m always in the middle,

If you know what I mean.


Growing out,

Growing in,

Neither here nor there.

Me, myself, and I,

Sure make a real odd pair.


Growing, growing, growing,

That’s ALL I seem to do.

Only staying still,

For a second, maybe two.


Fast and slow,

Smart and dumb,

Young and kind of old.

The story tosses to and fro,

Whenever it is told.


And just when I begin to ask,

If I will ever fit,

My mind, it grows a little more,

And I’m okay with it.


Wishing you a wonderful day, week, month, year, and life of growing!