I don’t know about you, but some days I find myself saying and writing the oddest things. One phrase leads to another, and soon I find myself tripping and slipping my way over, under, and around words, excited to see where they will take me. Having pleaded my case of madness, please excuse this brief foray into silliness. I have recently been reminded of the joys of language. The following poem is a word experiment conducted for my very own enjoyment. I hope that it encourages others to have their own fun!

The Jellyfish & The Jaguar

A Poem by Bonnie Tulloch

The jellyfish and the jaguar

Are an odd pair, it’s true.

But their story evens out,

When divided by me and you.

You take the “once,”

I’ll take the “time,”

And soon we’ll be “upon,”

A tale so long,

So long ago,

It spans from night to dawn.

Yes, this tale begins

Far, far away,

Farther than we can see.

Fathoms and fathoms of sense beneath

The logic of you and me.

Where once there lived a jellyfish

And a very toothy cat.

They lived until they died.

And that’s the end of that!

Like I said, absolute silliness! But oh, what a treat it is to enjoy a good spoonful of silliness every now and again. Wishing you a week of laughter, play, and good fun!