Every once in a while I get a playful urge to write a poem for no apparent reason. This poem was the result of one of those urges. It might very well be a lemon, so feel free to think of it what you will!

When Life Hands You Lemons

A Poem by Bonnie Tulloch

When life hands you lemons,

Don’t make lemonade.

Throw them up in the air

And start a parade!

Wiggle and jiggle,

Stomp, skip, and hop!

Slide and glide,

Twirl, twist, and bop!

Sing and dance

Your worries away.

They cost you too much,

They’re not worth a day.

No, they’re not worth a day,

A minute,

Or hour.

So let’s not give them that kind of power!


Go bananas!

It’s way more fun.

Mashing your troubles,